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Compost piles stir uproar

Mounds of growth hormone test compost as high as "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" a dozen feet cover the property of the Drew Garden and Wildbird Center along Boston Road in Westford. Residents have complained to town officials, calling the site a smelly eyesore. COURTESY PHOTO

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WESTFORD Seemingly overnight, residents woke up one morning in early May to find something had changed along the entrance to their beloved community.

When driving into the town center, people reported they could now see large piles of compost about a dozen feet high. On the property of the Drew Garden and Wildbird Center along Boston Road, large mounds of earth, yard waste and Market Basket paper bags were a striking eyesore, according to the many who called Town Hall to complain.

Town Manager Jodi Ross and Board of Selectmen Chairwoman Andrea Peraner Sweet said they received several buy cheap jintropin online calls from distraught residents.

"I personally got calls about the dirt that appeared," Peraner Sweet said. "The callers were concerned. They asked about what's going on with the property. I've also had calls about an odor."

Peraner Sweet said some complained of a manure like smell wafting through the area.

"That's what I've been told," she said. "I've been down there, but apparently the wind was not blowing in the right direction."

The Board of Selectmen at their next meeting on Tuesday will consider a cease and desist order, halting Drew Garden co owners Tom and David Goddard from dumping more of the mulch mixture on the land. Ross said if selectmen approve the order, the Goddard brothers may have to remove the piles as well.

The land, previously occupied by Drew Farm, is protected in town by agricultural preservation restrictions placed on that site. Ross said she consulted with town counsel and the large dumping of composting materials violates those restrictions.

The Goddards put Drew Garden up for sale in February, telling The Sun then the work to maintain the site had become too burdensome. Drew Garden has run for the last 13 years on the approximate 9 acre parcel.

Ross estimated about 100 truckloads of materials have come to the site since mid May. Through the town's GIS mapping system, you can see how the designated space on the property for composting has nearly tripled, and expanded, over the course of several days.

"It's in jintropin 191 amino acid what many people call the 'gateway to Westford,' " Ross added. "If you get off Exit 32 (on I 495) and you drive into Westford, it's what you see. There's a lot of residents that want to protect that area to make sure it looks nice when you enter our town."

Ross said at next Tuesday night's selectmen's meeting, officials will additionally discuss the formation of a "Drew Garden task force." So far, 29 people have requested an opportunity to sit on that board in the week since it was first advertised.

Since the Goddards took over the site to operate a country and garden supply store, they entered into an agreement with Buy Cheap Jintropin Online the town that includes a "right of first refusal" for Westford. Peraner Sweet said she's heard the Goddards are in negotiations to lease out the property at this time, but in the event of a sale, the town would get a shot at matching any initial offer that comes the owners' way. Peraner Sweet said a task force comprised of citizens weighing in could help guide selectmen on what actions to take.

"People hoped it would always stay as a remnant of our past," Peraner Sweet added. "So for me, if we can do something to riptropin dosage preserve the agricultural history of that property, that would be important to me."

Ross said the deadline for a recommendation "Jintropin China Supplier" from the task force would likely come by October so selectmen could review it before fall Town Meeting this year.

Co owner David Goddard declined comment when reached by phone Wednesday.

"I don't want to hear anything about it," he told a reporter. "Call back in a week."

Resident Emily Teller remembers when the town put restrictions on the Drew Garden land because she served on the 1996 committee that set the agreement. She said the property has always been an important one and she understands why so many wish to get involved.

"(We) wanted to maintain some control over the land so that, in the future, the town could keep it agricultural and orchard related," Teller said. "It's unique because it was one of the last working orchards, and it's one of the last properties before entering into town. We wanted to keep it as a gateway."